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WJunction Polls - post any type of polls here.
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  • 08/14/17--02:40: Wj-User like or dislike spam
  • I never make this type feedback before, but I saw one spammer spoil the chatbox day by day! We can not make any further discussion properly for this!
    I want to see how many users like or dislike that well known spammer. Everyone know his name! Let see what is poll results!
    Any other suggestions are welcome or add more option poll!

    Mods/Admin, if this thread may be wrong section/forum kindly move it proper place. Thanks.

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    Go ahead and let us know what music do You like while at work ?

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  • 10/20/17--00:35: Do you smoke Cigarettes?
  • As the title says; Do you smoke Cigarettes?!
    To the people who are totally against it, just vote on it and leave it at that, nobody really cares how badly you hate them, so please don't shit on my thread.

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  • 10/20/17--02:30: Mobile OS productivity?
  • Which mobile OS is more productive you think?
    1. Android
    2. BlackBerry OS
    3. iOS

    Leave your own opinion.

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  • 10/23/17--18:01: Paypal VS Payza VS Skrill
  • Paypal VS Payza VS Skrill

    Which one do you prefer?

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  • 11/01/17--12:03: Forums
  • Do you guys still think that forums have a chance to come back?
    Yes or No. Vote Now.

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  • 11/02/17--09:29: How Old Are You?
  • This is just a poll to see how old everyone is here on WJunction.

    Consider this the Official WJunction Age Census.

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  • 11/02/17--09:49: Windows 10 vs Windows 7
  • Hello to all

    I already use both of these windows, but I prefer Windows 7 Because It Works with my graphics software, I don't say that Windows 10 is bad, Its extremely good, but it needs some bug fixes & Improvements, So MY Vote is Right now Windows 7 what's yours?


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    Hello Guys

    I am Human, can its ok to marry with your cousin? Means first cousin? for me YES ITS OK, what about you?

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  • 11/02/17--10:59: Smoke Or Drink?
  • HeyZ!

    Do you Smoke or take Drinks?? ;)


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  • 11/07/17--04:42: Dedicated server or VPS?
  • What option would you prefer?

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    What do you use to browse the internet ?

    • Desktop
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
    • Mobile

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    Hi, let us know which Tv series you enjoyed most in 2016 - 2017 ?
    Personaly i liked the most Goliath, Fargo, Better Call Saul, now started to watch American Gods.
    Whats your opinion ?

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    Hey folks, vote for the best IM tool :)

    My best is Skype. No hassles, instant chat.
    I hate MSN messenger :@ so many buys :P lol

    I also use Pidgin.

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    Gaming community which is only to discuss about gaming. Do people like..
    Why people join such community..

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  • 11/16/17--05:33: Kent vs Dunhill !
  • What cigarettes prefer , of these two brands?
    Kent or Dunhill

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    Just Want to See the preference of smart phones among webmasters.So please vote and if possible give a review on your experience with the product and model of it you used.


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    Here is the ultimate poll :)
    1. Windows XP
    2. Windows Vista
    3. Windows 7
    4. Windows 8
    5. I don't like anyone, huh. :P

    Post here with the reason why you like it and which feature you like the most.

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  • 11/17/17--06:41: Titanic Vs. Twilight
  • Best romantic movie according to you??Titanic or twilight?<3

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  • 11/17/17--06:42: How did you find WJunction?
  • So, this is just a general question on how did you find wjunction?

    Please vote
    Thank you